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Complete Kits for UN3373 Compliant Sample Transport

We can provide an extensive range of biological sample packaging materials that are totally flexible and convenient solutions for transporting all types of laboratory sample containers by road or air. 

The Rigid Fexible 95 Mailing Systems make regulatory compliance simple by providing everything you need to meet UN3373 P650 packaging instruction requirements.
They contain absorbent material, a 95kPa pressure tested secondary pouch, a rigid outer box and a security seal.
They can accommodate all types of primary sample container.

The seal has a tamper evident adhesive closure. The box is printed with the required regulatory markings and has labelling space to add sender and addressee information.
The kits are supplied flat packed to minimise storage space requirements and include full instructions for assembly.
Please find all available sizes below. 

The components of the Rigid Flexible 95 Mailing Systems can also be ordered seperately.

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Laboratory supplies and diagnostic consumables.

Alpha Laboratories is passionate about finding new ways to help science improve people's lives through its evolving range of specialist diagnostic and laboratory products.

Alpha Laboratories endeavours to bring you solutions that:

• Improve the quality of your results
• Save time
• Lower overall costs
• Reduce health and safety risks
• Support better patient outcomes in clinical environments

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