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NaveniFlex offers a fluorescence-based in situ method to detect proteins, protein-protein interactions, and modifications of proteins in various types of samples, including cultured cells, fresh-frozen samples, and FFPE samples. Specifically, for tissue samples, they have the optimized kit NaveniFlex Tissue, and for cell samples, the NaveniFlex Cell kit is recommended. These kits are built upon the Naveni® Proximity Ligation Technology, ensuring reliable and accurate results with precise staining that can be quantified. The kits are versatile, accommodating the use of two primary antibodies, and they come with Navenibodies for secondary detection. The choice of kit depends on the primary IgG host species you are working with. 

Experience superior precision and efficiency in your research with these advanced kits designed for cell and tissue samples. Transitioning is effortless, with FAQs to assist you, and a dedicated team ready to support your needs. 

Read more about the new kits in the app note (PDF).

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Bringing precision to spatial proteomics

Navinci is a Swedish biotech company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the study of protein interactions. With a focus and a strong legacy in the development of proximity ligation assay technology, Navinci has established itself as a center of excellence in the field and has a broad portfolio of products that help researchers study protein interactions in depth.

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