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Actin, Alpha-Smooth Muscle, Clone 1A4

Species: Mouse Monoclonal
Clone: 1A4
Isotype: IgG2a,k
Species Reactivity: Human, Baboon, Cow, Rabbit, Mouse, Rat, Chicken.
Positive Control: Blood vessels
Specificity: This antibody recognizes the a-smooth muscle form of actin. It shows no cross reaction with actin from fibroblasts (b- and g-cytoplasmic), striated muscle (a-sarcometric), and myocardium (a-myocardial). Its epitope is composed of the acetyl group and the first 4 amino acids on the N-terminal end of the peptidic chain of a-smooth actin. ScyTek's 1A4 stains smooth muscle cells in vessel walls, gut wall, and myometrium. Myoepithelial cells in breast and salivary gland are also stained as they also contain this actin.

CD20, B-cell, Clone L26

Species: Mouse
Immunogen: Human tonsil B-cells
Clone: L26
Isotype: IgG2a, kappa
Species Reactivity: Human, Baboon, and Monkey. Does not react with Cow, Dog, Pig, and Rat. Others not known.
Positive Control: Daudi, Raji, and U266, and human lymphocytes, lymph nodes and tonsils.
Specificity: Recognizes a protein of 30-33kDa, which is identified as CD20. Its epitope is located in the cytoplasmic domain of CD20 and was, therefore, ascribed as CD20cy in the 5th Workshop.

Bcl-2, Clone 124

Species: Mouse
Immunogen: A synthetic peptide, aa41-54 (GAAPAPGIFSSQPG-Cys) of human Bcl-2 protein
Clone: 124
Isotype: IgG1, kappa
Species Reactivity: Human. Does not react with Mouse and Rat. Others not known.
Positive Control: Jurkat, K562, HL-60, or HeLa Cells. Tonsil or follicular lymphomas.
Specificity: This antibody recognizes a protein of 25-26kDa, identified as the Bcl-2 alpha oncoprotein. It shows no cross-reaction with Bcl-x or Bax protein.


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Pathology Antibodies and Staining reagents

ScyTek Laboratories was founded in 1991 with the goal of becoming a world class manufacturing company producing reagents for the life sciences market. From the early days producing ELISA reagents, ScyTek has gradually expanded its production capabilities to include Immunohistochemistry Reagents, Special Stains, Routine Stains, Buffers, Mounting Media, Fixatives, Diluents and a wide variety of custom reagents. From the beginning, we adopted a stringent raw material screening process to ensure that all manufactured products were of the highest quality. In 2011 ScyTek Laboratories received ISO 9001-2008 certification, followed by certification to ISO 13485 in 2016.

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