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NEW! Herovici Stain kit HSK-1

A new kit as another complement to the robust, high quality special stain line. The Herovici stain kit is intended to differentiate between young and mature collagen.

As shown in the picture to the right reticulin and young collagen stain blue, while mature collagen stains red. 

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Twort’s Gram Stain Kit
Art.No. TGS-1

The Twort’s Gram Stain Kit is designed for positive and negative gram bacteria differentiation in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue. The reason this kit would be used as opposed to other Gram Stain Kits is because the Twort’s counterstain will stain both the negative gram bacteria and the background at the same time, but will stain them different colors. 

As shown in the picture gram positive bacteria stain blue, nuclei and gram negative bacteria stain red and the background light green. 

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PAS Diastase Stain Kit
Art.No. PAS-1 (large) / PAS-2 (small)

With improved Alpha-Amylase Solution

The PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff) Diastase Stain Kit demonstrates lymphocytes and mucopolysaccharides. The a-Amylase digestion step acts on glycogen to break it into smaller sugars that are then washed off the tissue section allowing visual comparison of digested and undigested slides.

In the image on the right the PAS positive material stains magenta and nuclei stain blue. 

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Pathology Antibodies and Staining reagents

ScyTek Laboratories was founded in 1991 with the goal of becoming a world class manufacturing company producing reagents for the life sciences market. From the early days producing ELISA reagents, ScyTek has gradually expanded its production capabilities to include Immunohistochemistry Reagents, Special Stains, Routine Stains, Buffers, Mounting Media, Fixatives, Diluents and a wide variety of custom reagents. From the beginning, we adopted a stringent raw material screening process to ensure that all manufactured products were of the highest quality. In 2011 ScyTek Laboratories received ISO 9001-2008 certification, followed by certification to ISO 13485 in 2016.

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