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Brings ELISA’s high throughput to BLOT testing

Microblot–Array (MBA) is a new generation of unique, immunoblot array in a microtiter plate format. It is designed for efficient multiplex diagnostics, enabling the simultaneous detection of multiple markers which can save time and lower costs.
The technology eliminates the limited capacity of traditional BLOT strips and opens the opportunity for high throughput testing.
Processing can be performed automatically using open ELISA analysers. The evaluation is performed by the Microblot–Array Reader and software (SW). Results can be exported in various formats and the system can be connected to LIS.

Key benefits
It’s a breakthrough!
What makes Microblot–Array so special?
Multiplex testing  
up to 44 antigens
in a single well
Wide portfolio
attractive, ever–expanding
range of parameters
ELISA processors compatible
processing tests with
your existing ELISA analysers
-------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------------------------------
both high–throughput
and individual testing thanks
to brekable wells
Quantitative results
accurate and scalable
thanks to integrated calibrators
Easy–to–use software
comprehensive solution
for test evaluation and reporting

So much to discover – in a single well.
Up to 5 Blots                                                                                           in a single well
All in one. Perfected!
Tripled spots in MBA well left no room for mistake.

Breakable wells for flexible testing.
Every spot in triplicate:
Reference spots – used to orientate the SW during evaluation
Test control – checks the functionality of the test
Conjugate control – verifies presence of conjugate
4 calibration spots – creates a calibration curve for quantitative evaluation
Diagnostic spots – unique, highly specific antigens
Diagnostic parameters
Wide portfolio.
In the name of versatility.
Infectious serology Immunology
Gastrointestinal diseases Systemic autoimmune diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases Liver–Kidney diseases
Respiratory infections Autoimmune neurological diseases
Tick borne transmitted diseases Reactive arthritis
Herpetic infections Endocrine antibodies
TORCH Autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases
Tropical diseases  

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Provider of Serology ELISAs & IMMUNOBLOTs.

TestLine Clinical Diagnostics Ltd. (TestLine) is engaged in development, manufacturing and distribution of ELISA kits and Immunoblots for both human and veterinary diagnostics. Their broad spectrum of in vitro diagnostics and knowledge in the field of laboratory automation allows them to solve the individual needs of each microbiology and immunology laboratory. TestLine has more than 200 products on offer primarily focused in the field of infectious serology and immunology. 
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